3345 Mastering is my recently opened mastering room at my home in London. This is how I got here...

  I started working in the studio business at Trident Tape Services in 1974 then moved on to Pye Studios in 1975. Starting as an assistant engineer in the recording studios, I then moved into the cutting rooms, having taken a keen interest in how the cutting lathes worked. While at Pye I cut records by a wide variety of artists, including The Clash, The Waterboys, Sinead O'Connor and the hits of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, to name a few.

 There then followed a year at Utopia Studios before joining Pete Waterman's PWL to start Transfermation Mastering. Pete had bought the contents of Pye when it closed so I was reunited with the lathe I had used there and continued to master many hit records on it, from Aphex Twin to The White Stripes. Fifteen years and one Grammy nomination later, in 2005, I went to work at Metropolis Studios. It was a great experience working there with some of the best people in the business.

 And so to the present and 3345. I have some of the best equipment to be had, handling formats from tape to 96kHz digital files. I can cut to vinyl from tape, keeping the audio pure analogue and master for cd and digital formats using a combination of the old and the new analogue and digital equipment.